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-> Mad World Dance

On March 11, 2011, I was living in Tokyo and experienced the mega earth quake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown catastrophe live like being thrown into an apocalypse with no preparation.  The lies and performances I saw in the media following was absurd theater by real characters (officials).  I could not help but be inspired to create a series of satire performances of the nightmare that was unfolding before my eyes to combat the situation of misinformation, abuse, discrimination against the nuclear refugees and eventual apathy and silencing of the people who bring up the problem; yes, if you speak the problem you are regarded as the problem now.  Interestingly enough, most artists(and people) choose not to talk about it.   
It is very hard to show this piece in Japan because most producers and theaters dont want to do something radical like my piece to risk losing their sponsors.  I will find my own ways in Japan, but if you could help me to spread this already forgotten, human rights infringing ongoing issue wherever you can, it would be very much appreciated.  With love.


Many pieces were born across a few countries as I started my life in Europe. One piece was not enough.  As long as this madness continues...  Maybe it is my life work. 

Mad World dance project was born.

About 2 weeks after the earthquake, I organized a fundraiser show in Tokyo for the catastrophe victims in the north. 

I left to work in France with Perrine Valli but continued to dance in fundraising charity concerts in churches and developed theater pieces to spread awareness and frustration.  An evening length piece with other Japanese artists, Japonesque premiered at Muiderport theater Amsterdam.  I organized the performance part of an anti-nuclear demo in Amsterdam done by Japanese locals.  Later switching base to Berlin I was invited to be a founding member of Sayonara Nukes Berlin in 2013. Since then I premiere every year a new piece regarding the nuclear power in our demonstrations around March 11.

Popularity grew and I was invited by a Korean activist group Korea Verband to make a piece about 'Comfort Women' (Japanaese military sex slaves in WWII) birthing my solo -> 'Spectre'.  

Finnish/German dancer Sara Braun make a contemporary dance protest piece against the new atomic power plant being built in Finnland.  -> Mr Green

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