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Multiple Award winning Performer

Versatility has been my keyword I receive from many of my collaborators.  Wide range  of dance styles, improvisation, stage experience coupled with acting and directing abilities make me easy to work with in many fields.

Actor /Dancer / Collaborator

' Thank you for dancing so freely.. You made me free...' -audience, NY

'...fluid, yet with a presence like a knife cutting through space.'   Nobuo Shiga, dance critic

「。。。柔軟かつ空間を切り開く存在感がある。」舞踏評論家 志賀信夫



1 min movie by Alex Zampini

Martial Arts



Dance Champion

All examples available as a 3-8min extended act

Music Videos

I became the Champion at Juste Debout London, winning my way into the World Finals in Paris for the most prestigious Street Dance World Championships...



Watch Now
Max Reinert

Group Choreography Example

Group Improvisation

Stand Up Comedy

Music Videos / Films etc

Belans Berlin Promotional Video

Lead Dancer

Roger Cicero 'Du bist mein Sommer'

Lead Dancer

 Belans Berlin


Bollywood Film 'Kal Ho Na Ho'

Solo dancer (in yellow 1:47)

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