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Theory of Evolution

10 min
choreographed and performed by Kazuma Glen Motomura (bodypoet)
Music Composed by: Max van Dusen

Are we really evolving or are we going back in time?  Are we really masters of this planet or just slaves to our arrogant desires?  Did god create us how we are or did we evolve from simple creatures? Or did god design evolution? 

Theory of Evolution is a staple and signature piece by bodypoet.  It has been performed in many different frame works as a short solo in silence with acapella text, or longer with a piano musical backing, a beatboxer backing, and also a version with self made drawings along the wall depicting various stages in our evolutionary development or derangement.

The vocabulary of hip hop and street dance is aggressively explored and utilized as it is a result of us evolving and adapting to urban cities, mimicking machinery and video playback glitches severely depicting the age we live in but paradoxically imitating the wonders of nature with waving and animalistic floor movements.  

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