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Formerly Between Lies and Harmony

Despite many sacrifices and lies, the harmony and image of Japan has been saved after the catastrophe of Fukushima. But now, do you live with harmony or with truth? Premiered at an anti-nuclear demonstration in Berlin, the piece has continually been updated into theater versions with advice from radiation specialists, performances in Fukushima and visits into the restricted areas near the radiating power plant. A body is left standing on an island made of lies peeled off… A contemporary dance protest piece devised of satirical theater and high-level physical performance.

Performed in:

BERLIN - HAU1, WDK, IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) Conference, .ausgestrahlt, Sayonara Nukes Berlin Demo

TOKYO - NOddIN 3rd Exhibition, CSRP (Citizen-Scientist International Symposium on Radiation Protection), Happy Island Festival Fukushima 2015, Homes of Fukushima residents, TPAM 2017

BEIJING - Tsinghua University

The piece is optimal with an environment with lights and a projector, but a version without any technicality is also possible.



Concept, Performance: Kazuma Glen Motomura

Sound, video, light/Artistic Collaboration:

Sammy Chien (Chimerik)

Film featured from: Kouki Tange (NOddIN)

Music featured from: Masataka Ota

Radiation to Sound Conversion: Wataru Iwata

Video section by Kazuma Glen Motomura

used in the piece and for installations and screenings.

Harmonie oder Wahrheit?

Was hat Vorrang? Trotz Zumutungen und Unwahrheiten sind nach der Katastrophe von Fukushima Harmonie und Image Japans intakt. Premiere: auf einer Anti-Atomdemonstration in Berlin, Ausbau zu Theaterversionen, Performances in Fukushima und bei Besuchen der Sperrgebiete um das weiterstrahlende Kraftwerk. Am Ende steht ein Körper auf einer Insel aus Lügen, die von ihm abgeschält wurden. Ein Proteststück zeitgenössischen Tanzes aus satirischem Theater und kunstvoller Körperarbeit. Bisher zu sehen in Berlin: HAU 1, English Theatre Berlin, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Lake Studios Berlin, Atommüll-Konferenz von .ausgestrahlt, IPPNW, Demonstrationen von Sayonara Nukes Berlin. In Japan: NOddIN 3 (Tokyo); CRSP-Symposium; Happy Island Festival und in Privathäusern (alle Fukushima).

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